Is This Love?// Sonadow

Is This Love?// Sonadow

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Disclaimer :

This is a Sonadow Story!

This Story Contains The Following;

- Violence
- Lemons
- Sexual Parts
- Rape?

© Some Characters belong to me.

© Original Sonic The Hedgehog characters belong to Sega™

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DagwoodServer DagwoodServer Aug 07, 2017
Exactly my reaction. Why are you suddenly telling him your life story XD
Alice_Joy_Primes Alice_Joy_Primes Apr 07, 2017
Strange, I used to think like that for a while: it was always my priority, but then... I don't know what happened :/
TheFanFictionManiac TheFanFictionManiac Jan 04, 2017
Shadow is like that one kid from the anime "My monster" and Sonic is like the girl..... Did i guess right?
Cicero_Wolf Cicero_Wolf Jun 22, 2016
If you know my little pony the studying thing and not wanting friends reminds me of twilight sparkle
_Shammy_ _Shammy_ Feb 25, 2017
I'm loving this story and why did Shadow didn't go back to school if the days are finished
MapleSweetz MapleSweetz May 31, 2016
Let me tell you something sonic. It's okay to not have friends. They make life easier in some ways but in reality they make it difficult.