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My Psycho Jock (bxb)

My Psycho Jock (bxb)

225K Reads 10.2K Votes 30 Part Story
Valentine love By kantmiss9785 Completed

Growing up in a small world and being in a poor family, Benjamin Evan doesn't know normal. He doesn't have TV and the only thing his exposed to is Edward Dawson. His best friend. 

But time always had been envy of the human daily progress and aging beauty that when high school happen, Benjamin and Edward were no longer friends. Benjamin grow up to be the next door boy with muscular body and good looking feature. While Edward is somewhat small, short and lame. 

Benjamin is popular and a jock that had always contribute trofies and winning championship to the school. Everyone adores him. But don't let that angelic demeanor fool you because he is nothing that he seems and Edward Dawson is a person who's life is about to be destroyed.

Hidashi14 Hidashi14 Apr 22
Where's a camera when you need it the most damn!! I wanna see that for my gay wall.
lincvinyl lincvinyl Jun 03, 2016
This is freaking interesting! I love the author already! The descriptions are great. I saw an error, though - you switch from past to present. But, it's fine. It's the story that matters. Besides, you have all the time in this world to edit. c:
-electrified -electrified Jul 06, 2016
I literally split all over my screen with laughter when I read "disqust" omggg
aaliyahphillip11 aaliyahphillip11 Sep 18, 2016
Maybe the person was thinking about heaven then a bee flew by
-electrified -electrified Jul 06, 2016
... this was edited? There's like 80 different tense changes in the first chapter alone. I want to read this because it looks really good, but that's going to be extremely distracting. :(
Curiosity-is-alive Curiosity-is-alive Jul 12, 2016
I'm just letting you know for maybe when you edit or down thing but just so you're aware it's disgust it was probably just a type or something but I'm just letting you know 🙂