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Let's follow the life and adventure of the most unfortunate guy? he is by far one of the lowest level and weirdest adventurer on a VRMMORPG game (New World Online).not to mention that he is also a hardworking guy but a weird gamer (?)... weird because he hardly did some real adventuring, all he did was cut down trees, mine some ore, and maybe spend time on a VRMMORPG world enjoying himself doing some trivial things... yes he totally hardly do adventuring quest and such.

But how did he become so strong? he does not even realized that he has the strength and skills to be on par with the most top ranking players.
Is he a moron? An idiot? A happy go lucky guy? Or a real genius? Well if you have time, come and find out what this guy is doing, and his weird play style.
Will he learn the joy of adventuring and killing monsters?
Will he find friends?
Will he become popular?
Will he find a lover? or Lovers?
This FF may contain the Following content as I update this
-Foul language's

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Oh God I was about to cry but I was reading this when I was eating with my family so I tried to hold back my tears cause then they will just be looking at me question why I was crying T-T
Lorddancer Lorddancer Feb 21
that my grandson (remove "here") did not "run" away. ran doesnt fit nor does having here in this sentence.
ChaoticWriting ChaoticWriting Jul 23, 2016
Uh... Nothing is wrong with her, a powerful force called Plot Development is keeping her from acting the way she wants to.... XD LOL JK
GSIY_Fantasy GSIY_Fantasy Apr 12, 2016
Urghh, p-promise I'm n-n-not cr-cry-crying. *wipes tears wiyh arm*
Hey! Leave fate alone. She's under your command in this context. SO IT'S YOU AUTHOR!!!!!!!
ItLives ItLives Aug 17, 2016
this stuff is wrong on so may levels, and i mean emotionally speaking.