I Promise (Completed)

I Promise (Completed)

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GAY PRIDE By YaoiGoddess005 Completed


It's been three months since Sock died, three months since Sock started bothering Jonathan, and three months since Sock had his first crush.

Sock knows that he's supposed to make Johnathon commit suicide, but he's starting to have second thoughts. 

Every morning, Sock annoys and humiliates Jonathan; every night, Sock sneaks into Jonathan's room and snuggles him while he's asleep.

Will Meph find out and assign Sock another subject of humiliation? Or will he accept it and ignore that Sock isn't doing his job?

  • demons
  • gayships
  • hell
  • sockathan
  • sockxjonathan
  • w2h
buttercup_utonium573 buttercup_utonium573 Aug 26, 2017
Happy...... Nearly end of summer holidays and new years in a few
indescribableterrors indescribableterrors Jul 19, 2017
sock's name is actually napolean. his last name is sowachowski. i just wanted to make that clear, not trying to be all "oh haha you got it wrong."
ghostangel707 ghostangel707 Dec 03, 2016
I love how after everything Sock is like " you know you should just kill yourself"
HekateTheMoe HekateTheMoe Jan 05, 2016
This is a great story with an idea unique to its own! I hope you continue it soon!!
unicornrainbowgod unicornrainbowgod Jan 05, 2016
                              Im a unicorn (∩_∩)(/^▽^)/(ヘ。ヘ)