Basket Case (kellic gender swap)

Basket Case (kellic gender swap)

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"Basket case."

"You mean Kelli Quinn?"


Basket Case: a person or thing regarded as useless or unable to cope

In which a girl named Kelli Quinn who likes baggy clothes and the color black a little too much, gets the attention of the grunge girl, Victoria Fuentes.

Cover by: @AustlanQuentes

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BobbiTheVampy BobbiTheVampy Nov 14, 2016
When I See The Title I Think Of The Breakfast Club Right Away.
- - Sep 15, 2016
This is like my 10th time reading this, ive become obesssed with this book
HorizonForHire HorizonForHire Nov 20, 2016
Okay, so I thought about it and pickles and chocolate pudding really sounds good. I want to try it.
drellaaaaa drellaaaaa Dec 10, 2015
"depression" "violence" ;___; you haven't even started the book and i already feel my heart breaking lol.  ;-;