Bleeding Little Blue Boy | Kellic

Bleeding Little Blue Boy | Kellic

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paige By cosmicquinn Completed

[completed] kellin quinn is a boy with big secrets. he's sassy, funny, and always a pleasure to hang out with. he stays away from most people, until he's paired up with vic to do a project.

vic is more of a rebellious person. he plays soccer for the school, but he has three secrets: he's gay, he's a gang leader, and he has a small crush on kellin, for a very long time now.

what will happen when the two of them start to get to know each other, and how much danger will they be in?


disclaimer: this is my first fic and i will edit it possibly in the future so it sucks ass right now but tysm for reading love you all :*

Pierce-The-Kellic- Pierce-The-Kellic- Nov 26, 2016
kellictastic kellictastic Sep 24, 2016
Hey vic is as straight as my hair
                              He's just as straight as the hair on his own head
kellictastic kellictastic Sep 12, 2016
I have shakey hands
                              And have anxiety problems
                              None of my lines are straight even when I use a goddamn ruler
                              So idk about you
                              But if you can't draw your lines straight
                              That's a sign lil vicster
                              Your a lil homo like me
DaddyFuentes DaddyFuentes 2 days ago
Is it just me or does anyone else ever stare at band members crotches.. like a habit?
Geezus that went from 0-100 😂 hanging out to he wants the D damn boi chill 😂
kellictastic kellictastic Sep 12, 2016
My teacher once told me that nothing in this world is straight
                              - true story