Star In My Heart

Star In My Heart

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Stargaz3r By Stargaz3r Updated Mar 14, 2011

Alex is training to become a Magical Guardian as part of the Royal family tradition. She must compete with her extremely talented sister and does not believe that she can win. Alex over hears shocking news about the prince of the enemy nation Sinseon and wants to protect her nation by all means necessary! 
"Rumor has it that the youngest prince of Sinseon is gonna get married to princess Elizabeth from the Western nation of Wagrean! If they marry, the two nations will team up and abolish the Nimphea and Easternon nations! Victory shall be ours, indeed" said one of the guards.

Alex stood there in shock
...How can that be?
...Maybe if he loved someone else?
...Maybe if he broke his marriage?

I know what to do.

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Stargaz3r Stargaz3r Mar 17, 2011
@CamilleSoloaga Thank you. I'll try to look back and spell check and grammar check everything : ) I'm full of laziness, but I'll try :D
                              ~Stargaz3r <3 
CamilleSoloaga CamilleSoloaga Feb 18, 2011
Hey if you ever read this I think that you have a good plot you just need to enrichen your writing and check errors too other than that I think you did good keep writing!!!!
                              Xoxo Camille 
Stargaz3r Stargaz3r Jan 06, 2011
@Maccaroni  It's slow at first; every good story needs patience :D
Maccaroni Maccaroni Jan 04, 2011
It hasn't hooked me yet, sorry. But I will read the next chapter
Stargaz3r Stargaz3r Jan 04, 2011
@ReadOnWP L OL xD
                              I'll try to check my work , it's hard going back &forth :P && make the rest of the story better somehow :o) 
                              Thanks a bunch :D && Haaappy New Year to you too :3 
Tuala23 Tuala23 Jan 04, 2011
Great story! love the idea. Could you please read mine?
                              Thank you!