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Your My Love (JacksepticeyeXReader) DISCONTINUED

Your My Love (JacksepticeyeXReader) DISCONTINUED

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DimondJewel75 By DimondJewel75 Updated Mar 28, 2016

(Y/N's POV)
  Me and Mark laughed as Yami stood right in front of Mark.
"Am I close yet?" Yami asked. Jack then walked in and then shot Mark immediately.
"YAMI!! YOU FREAKING STUPID!" Jack shouted. Me and Mark burst out laughing. 
"Oh-*wheeze*my g-*cough*od!" I spoke through laughter. 
"Geez Yami, are ye freakin' blind." Jack's Irish accent spoke. 
"I don't know." Yami said while laughing.
"Ok that's enough for this livestream IF YOU LIKED IT PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE LIKE A BOSS
AND.... High fives all around.. BUT THANK U GUYS AND I WILL SEE ALL U DUDES.......IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!!!!!!"Jack shouted blowing everyone's eardrums out. 
"I think I heard u from my house Jack...." Bob said. We all laughed and ended the Skype call. We were skyping Bob and the rest of us were at Mark's house.
"Thanks for coming to America Yami and Jack!" Mark said while hugging them.
"IT WAS OUR PLEASURE!" They shouted in unison. They then looked at each other and laughed.
"Wanna order some pizza?" I a...

Aw hell nah! You change it to (XBox/PS4) right now Author~Chan!
- - Jun 03, 2016
This reminds me so much about my boyfriend that i literally read it in his voice XD
creepypastaFNAFanime creepypastaFNAFanime Nov 08, 2016
Me/Y/N:last one there is gonna lose their soul... As cono metro
                              J/Y/M:wait... What the he'll naw
_LeviChan_ _LeviChan_ Jul 26, 2016
YASSSSSSSSSSSS OMG!!!! I love the last of has a Ellie's in...IM ELLIE XD
BrokenUnit BrokenUnit Jan 06
Story: They then LOOKED at...
                              Me:      They then TOOKED at...
                              Thats not even a word
The Last of Us was amazing game I can't wait cor the 2 to come out