lil bibby love story

lil bibby love story

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" Brandon can you not " i asked annoyed.

" Can you not call me Brandon " he said.

" That's your name " i said rolling my eyes.

" Cut the attitude monae " he said.

" Don't have one your my cousins company why you up here " i asked.

"  Im gone " he said leaving out.

" Its so obvious you two are feeling each other " Tasia said.

" I dont like him i told you that " i said as serious as possible.

" Keep lying i know the truth baby " she said.

" Can you get out your annoying me " i asked politely.

" Now you mad cause im telling the truth " she said shaking her head.

I closed the door behind her locking it. Me and Brandon been friends since i was 4 so he's been around for years. On my 16th birthday he kissed me , on my 17th he got me a tattoo on my 18th him and my cousin took me to the strip club , on my 19th he threw me a surprise party & on my 20th he ruined it.

He's not ready to settle down don't get me wrong I'm not either cause we both young but dont lead me on into thinking w...

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