What Really Grinds My Gears On Wattpad

What Really Grinds My Gears On Wattpad

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Stephanie Midorii By smidorii Completed

My rant on all things Wattpad. 
Beware, strong opinions from here on out. There's a good chance you might be offended by what I have to say. 
I also have a filthy mouth. You've been warned.


*UPDATE 8/17/16*  Just as a little note, this rant book was completed back in 2014. My opinions on certain things have changed as these were written quite awhile ago. A lot of the topics written about are from years ago and might not necessarily reflect what is currently trending in the world of Wattpad today. 

As this rant book is a little old now - for the most part I no longer reply to comments on this book. Please do not think I'm ignoring you or anything like that. In fact, I still read most of the comments that still come in I just rarely feel like I need to reply anymore. 

Please do still enjoy my ramblings if you wish. Thank you.

this is why i don't publish anything until I'm finished writing...but i don't upload it all at once either
oops i'm a little guilty
                              i mean i will try my best to update but i am really slow at writing plus no inspiration and stuff
Thank you for saying so! I'm lucky to have never come across anything like that, but I'm glad you're saying what we are too scared to say. You go girl!
Indi3557 Indi3557 Sep 29
I have two storeys up on wattpad and I try to update them buts its really hard if u only have half a hour on the computer.
PaigesOfBookland PaigesOfBookland 4 days ago
I am a new writer so I love any feedback I can get for my amateur writing...
I'm fourteen, and I'm still more mature than most adults I know. And yeah I agree, most people my age are so immature it's just sad.