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What Really Grinds My Gears On Wattpad

What Really Grinds My Gears On Wattpad

258K Reads 11.6K Votes 92 Part Story
Stephanie Midorii By smidorii Completed

My rant on all things Wattpad. 
Beware, strong opinions from here on out. There's a good chance you might be offended by what I have to say. 
I also have a filthy mouth. You've been warned.


*UPDATE 8/17/16*  Just as a little note, this rant book was completed back in 2014. My opinions on certain things have changed as these were written quite awhile ago. A lot of the topics written about are from years ago and might not necessarily reflect what is currently trending in the world of Wattpad today. I've also gotten to the point where I'm just so over repeating myself time and time again to people who disagree with me.

As this rant book is a little old now - for the most part I no longer reply to comments on this book. Please do not think I'm ignoring you or anything like that. In fact, I still read most of the comments that still come in I just rarely feel like I need to reply anymore. 

Please do still enjoy my ramblings if you wish. Thank you.

_Synox_ _Synox_ Jun 10
How about the authors who act like creepy perverts? I've encountered one... he messaged me and I muted him.
EchoOfHope EchoOfHope Jun 04
I've only given such criticism like once and was majorly ignored never-seen-before the writer has thousands of reads by writing that bad. I just let it go. Not my loss.
Author: Honest feedback is appreciated!
                              reader: *gives honest feedback*
                              Literally seen that happen before.
I encountered this writer that "threatened" the ghost readers into voting or commenting on her book. At the end of some chapters, she would say that she would make the book private so only the active readers could enjoy the book.
herdfuly herdfuly Jun 04
Something that gets me mad/annoyed is when authors spell stuff wrong, or use incorrect punctuation, or use words in the wrong place. If they do that I either point it out, or stop reading the book.
I get what your saying, what I do when I don't update a book for like a month I just delete it because ya but when I don't have inspiration I wait will I have inspiration