Warrior Cats: Wolfheart's Destiny

Warrior Cats: Wolfheart's Destiny

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Wolfheart's Destiny [Warriors Return, Book #1]

"With its destiny unknown,
A destiny etched to stone.

The daughter of the full moon's lover must sacrifice herself and her foretelling to the bird of fire, or hurt everything she loves..."

Orphaned at the age of a newborn, young Wolfpaw's life has been surrounded with questions.

What happened to my mother?
Where do I belong?
Who am I?

Her life is a jumble of mixed emotions. Her trust is limited, as she tried to find out who killed her mother, who set the horrendous path she must follow? She lives a quiet, reserved life, until one fateful night. Wolfpaw starts to see strange things in her dreams, and her past starts to unfold before her, making her priceless to one and all. Her special gift ends up forcing her to make a life changing decision:

Do I sacrifice myself, or others?

Find out in this thrilling tale of trust, loyalty, romance, and truth as Wolfpaw figures out who she really is, and what life changing destiny she must follow.


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Started: December 12th, 2015

The names r epic? Can I translate your book to NL? I will tag you and credit you. Its a great honor
JustDabonem JustDabonem Oct 17
I really loved the way you did the prologue. It left me wanting more. And that's really hard to do. Good Job!
sparkstream sparkstream May 29
I'm pretty sure I've seen this name in the books I think. Idk?!
-Art_Fan- -Art_Fan- Jan 31
Wow! That must have taken a very long one for you to write! The names are very pretty!
StarsOfDusk StarsOfDusk Feb 16
Wow! It is a very creative format. I loved all of the descriptive adjectives in there! Can't wait to keep reading.
The prologue was put together brilliantly. You used so many obscure words. Wonderful.