dear oliver

dear oliver

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Judey By rigor_samsa Updated Jul 14, 2017

dear oliver:

there's something i have to tell you.    



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hydroxides hydroxides Aug 16, 2016
OLIVER & LILLY??? like in Hannah Montana??? This is such a good coincidence goddamn
Ian288 Ian288 May 10, 2016
This is a very powerful opening. I'm really excited to read the rest. :)
astromoney astromoney Apr 05, 2016
how do u do that letter thing tho... like pls teach me my goddess
astromoney astromoney Apr 05, 2016
Already having a love-hate relationship with this book because my name's Lilly and my ex's name is Oliver. How lovely.
highfoxes highfoxes Feb 04, 2015
I really love all of your books. They are different -- and I love them. idk what else to say
reader01234 reader01234 Dec 08, 2014
@rigor_samsa plz expane why my icon at top says my name if this is your story!?