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After the Werewolves Took Over (on hold)

After the Werewolves Took Over (on hold)

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Sunny By sunflower123456 Updated Jul 31, 2013

7 months ago, the werewolves made themselves known. they said they wanted peace, and we agreed to the peace terms, but we didn't know there were so many. 5 months ago, the humans went to war, my father, mother, and brothers went to fight. They couldn't stand the idea that humans could be taken as mates. My parents sent me to America, hoping there would be less werewolves and more humans. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. North America already had it's war, and now the werewolves rule with their, "packs" and "alphas." The few humans left hide in no man's land, they took me in and protect me. I'm the only human girl that doesn't have a mate... yet.

WrittenDreams3 WrittenDreams3 Aug 13, 2015
? King me is a checkers term yet queens and bishops are chess pieces? Both are two different game a mistake perhaps?
blackmoonwolf101 blackmoonwolf101 Jul 08, 2015
I love the idea of a smart main character. Makes the book a lot more interesting
Kayla-Phoenix Kayla-Phoenix Dec 04, 2014
Love the intro! Very well done and it pulled me in instantly!
sierrabear903 sierrabear903 Jun 19, 2014
She's smart. Thank you author not a dumb female character!!!
Reiseus_Rejgn Reiseus_Rejgn Nov 24, 2013
gonna start reading the book soon!!! can't wait to read it!!!!
Moonlight1112 Moonlight1112 Oct 10, 2013
Really good but the lack of capitals for 'I's made it feel like a little kid has written it when the actual writing is really good. I hope you can change this in future chapters. 
                              Sorry to criticize, I am really enjoying it so far.