Violet Brown - Mermaid vs. Siren: Book One

Violet Brown - Mermaid vs. Siren: Book One

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OLIVIA HOPE WHELDON By oliviahopewheldon Updated Feb 02, 2016

We are never truly found until we are truly lost...

"When I looked into Victor's flickering, globe-like eyes, I was looking up at the surface of the sea from the deep, unable to feel the rock and roll of the waves this far down. Suspended in the Earth's womb; the water's ability to take my life, crush my brittle body, or carry me ashore was present in him. It was both unnerving and alluring and I liked it."

Seventeen-year-old Violet Brown relocates to a seemingly peaceful sea-side town in California, but when her classmates begin vanishing without a trace, she realises all is not as it seems. 

The authorities claim that the Missing (the disappeared people) are falling from coastal hiking trails and into the rocks, though their bodies are never recovered. Violet believes there is more to the dark happenings. Violet believes these people are being taken. 

Battling bullies at school, contending with social anxiety, distant parents and the constant threat of being taken, which lingers like the West Coast fog, Violet meets and subsequently falls in love with a charming blue-eyed boy. His name is Victor Wenlock. 

He is the typical teenage heart-throb, but Violet rapidly becomes aware that anything too good to be true probably is, and the darker side to Victor Wenlock begins to manifest itself in strange conversations in moonlit passages, suspicious sightings and curious coincidences. 

Violet and her newfound Art Class friends - an eccentric clique of wild-haired, avid Aristotle-lovers - begin to suspect Victor and his charismatic siblings - Rex and Arabella - may be involved, for they too seem to vanish, without being counted among the Missing, and the disappearances increase. 

If love is blind, how do we know when we have fallen for the bad guy?..

••Disclaimer: Any representations of people, living or deceased, are purely coincidental. Contains scenes and themes of violence, drug and alcohol use, and scenes of a mild sexual nature.

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Good chapter 😊😊 Dat old lady gives me the heebie jeebies tho
ffigs- ffigs- Dec 23, 2015
Stupid cops why don't you hand me your gun and I'll shove it yer ass hmmm?
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Peter PiKer picked a patch of purple peppers 
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