The Miracle

The Miracle

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KawaiiRIREN By KawaiiRIREN Updated Oct 05

After a successful experiment, conducted by Hanji, Eren turns out to be pregnant. Who's the father of the baby? Well, let's just say he's the Captain of the Survey Corps. 

Pregnant!Eren x Levi

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Taragrant11 Taragrant11 May 20
This is such a cute fanfic you're really good at creative writing!!!
I'm sorrrrrryyyyyy but xD 
                              "He testes my name" 😄😄😄
                              I just found that typo hilarious 
                              (Forgive me 😢)
ShadowKid11 ShadowKid11 Aug 29
Well, I was bornt 2 weeks late. I supposed to be bornt on 15th of June,2005 but it turns out to be 29th of June, 2005. Yup, I am still 11
                              Levi:*hits his head* I'm too afraid to do it
                              Me:*smirks evilly*
                              Levi:don't chu 
                              Me:rejected rejected you just got rejected pffftt hahahaha_
misaki2cute misaki2cute Apr 27
Its good because levi didnt freak out about the whole bby thing
Eevdeex Eevdeex Aug 23
I have something to tell you
                              ............Eat your vegetables