Bullied by // Grayson Dolan

Bullied by // Grayson Dolan

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Emma Pov: Hi my name is emma and i been knowing The dolan twins when i was elementary . But The only friend i have right now it is Ethan dolan and my bully is his twin brother . Grayson and me we were best friends when we were in Elementary but i guess that in middle school he became such a bitch and being rude to me and telling me to die and such more . But imma tell you about me and what  i do in lifee. 

Well im 15 years old, im 5,1 i know im so short, i have brown hair,hazel eyes to,  and my best friend is Ethan dolan . 


Hope you guys will like my story

pragprasad01 pragprasad01 Jul 21, 2016
Haha wtf 5'1 is shorter than my brother and he's 9 
                              I'm 12 5'5
ThorHorse ThorHorse Apr 11, 2016
When I go into Wattpad notifications and I see that comment everywhere😂😂
BabyMamaDolan BabyMamaDolan Oct 30, 2016
Omfg my birthday is on a Tuesday in 2017, the club will be going up
maWaffle maWaffle Sep 09, 2016
I don't mean to be rude but you should work on your grammar. It's a nice story so far
naturedolan naturedolan May 29, 2016
Not to be rude or anything but your grammar is bugging me. But I'm still reading!💖💖💖 love reading some fanfics!
Why would you go there then? Couldn't you just meet Ethan at school