Denial (Storm and Silence fanfiction)

Denial (Storm and Silence fanfiction)

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Hiraeth By ephemeral_sonder Completed


When Lilly receives her first paycheck, she starts wondering- what to do with the money? Besides buying chocolate, a suit that fits and getting Uncle Bufford's cane back, of course.
Lilly has already shown women are capable of working, now she's taking on another challenge: show those dratted men there's no reason women shouldn't go to college.
(Fear not, there is plenty of Lambrose :3 and a surprise appearance by... Well, I can't tell you that, can I?)

Dear ifrits,
Join me in pretending nothing bad ever happened until it's all fixed and Lilly and Rikkard are canon.
Yours in denial,

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GeeksRule1 GeeksRule1 Apr 13, 2017
U have to capitalize aunt and uncle in this case because it's a proper noun
itsevanffs itsevanffs Aug 29, 2016
*imagines a stonefaced Mr Ambrose doing what you exactly what you said and then smiling contently*
                              *Slaps self*
                              That would NEVER happen. Stop dreaming
Sabrina_1535 Sabrina_1535 Apr 23, 2016
Love the cover! Looks exactly as I thought Lilly would look except Lilly has short hair
StoriAnne StoriAnne Nov 09, 2016
You got a brilliant idea. Education is also a best weapon of women to go higher rank in society. Lily should spend her money to go to college.
Durarara_X2_Ketsu Durarara_X2_Ketsu Sep 07, 2016
U should add pics of what u think lily n Mr. Ambrose look like 2 ur story
AdrenalineRush97 AdrenalineRush97 Apr 09, 2016
I really liked lilly here and it felt completely like lilly :D