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Undertale X Reader

Undertale X Reader

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recycling By EuclidsProdigy Updated Jun 02, 2016

Hello you five-fingered interdimensional meatsacks. I am your Turkey Lord, presenting you with...


All of you beautiful orbs will enjoy this.

Also, if you hate, or repeatedly ask for updates (although I write your requests), I WILL END YOU.


I take all requests (if I can) except lemons. No. No BoneZone. No getting Frisky.


So, my trashling army, take over the world of Undertale and feed on all of those beautiful orbs' love.


Have fun crazy kids ;)

LMAO "because Justin Bieber SUCKS" 
                              Justin Beaver LMAOOOOOOOO XDDDDDDDDDD
PiccoFaz PiccoFaz Sep 22, 2016
Bella: Pap I'm fine.
                              Mettaton: *Eyebrows*
                              Katie: Bae, stop.
                              Sans: *Chuckles*
                              Lucy: Pffff...
                              Pap: EAT THE SPAGHETTI HUMAN!!!!
SmolChild5 SmolChild5 Dec 03, 2016
On some days I am Papyrus, on others I am the reader. There is no inbetween XD
ThatSmileyShit ThatSmileyShit Aug 18, 2016
"Snowed inn, in Snowdin" 
                              Took me forever to process that! XD
-_Genos_- -_Genos_- Feb 01
100% sure mettaton is jealous of me and papy, so he poisoned meh cause he be a yandere pink freak
                              Mettaton if you read this , plz don't kill meh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lol WTF am I doing with my life?
CinderTheWolf CinderTheWolf Jun 04, 2016
me: *sees fork*
                              Papyrus: EAT IT
                              me: hISS HISS MEOW BITCH MEOW