Mistake | Park Jimin

Mistake | Park Jimin

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❝Hyung, I made a mistake... I had sex with my fiancé's sister.❞

In which Park Jimin grows a desire for his fiancé's sister.

Is she the most beautiful mistake he ever did?
Or did Jimin only use her to seek revenge against her sister?

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taesxuls taesxuls Mar 17
this is y u should always take a bag where there is your bbys aka your trainers
_roxii12 _roxii12 Mar 16
I am sure u r gonna wish she stays on her habit after that dinner
BiasedByBangtan BiasedByBangtan 4 days ago
......."as if they were covered in blisters"
                              Oh that kind of reminds me of As If It's Your Last by BlackPink.....
                              Me 0.02 seconds later:
NamjoonedLolHJ NamjoonedLolHJ 4 days ago
I forgot they were just going to a five star restaurant
                              I thought they were going to go to the wedding
-taegasm -taegasm 6 days ago
the only boyfriend I need doesn’t know I exist and lives across the ocean dAD
FromBTSTrash FromBTSTrash 3 days ago
okay if you unloyal to my sister you’re definitely gonna be unloyal to me