Mistake | Park Jimin

Mistake | Park Jimin

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dad By bangtancy Updated Jun 10

In which Park Jimin grows a desire for a girl who happens to be the sister of the one he is betrothed to. 

Is loving her the most beautiful mistake he ever did?
Or did Jimin only use her to seek revenge against her sister?

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This was my favorite book... I was trying to search for it so I can finish the ending and now I know why I couldn’t find it :((. It’s okay support your decision.
wait till he dyes it raven black ohmygod that is the most superior jimin hair color don't @ me
My parents would be like "We'll let him date you when he learns how to catch a bullet." Or "No boyfriends 'til you're thirty!"
Taes_Mullet Taes_Mullet Jul 20
It's her life, leave her the fuckk alone. Boys do this all the time, why can't the?
KingJungwoo KingJungwoo Jul 21
Omg why does this have so many reads and small chapters omg this might be good
When I look in the fridge and see the food my brother bought for himself