My Brother Jimin ✿ Park Jimin x Reader

My Brother Jimin ✿ Park Jimin x Reader

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❝having such a hot brother is terribly irresistible but being in love with him is a sin.❞

14 years ago, the Park family decided to adopt a daughter in a well known orphanage in Korea. Although, their son Park Jimin was not in favor of his parent's decision, knowing he will be having a non-legitimate sibling really bothered him. He had no choice but to accept her as a new family. They didn't get along at first but as the years went by, they got intimately close, causing her to develop an affectionate feelings toward her brother Jimin. Bit by bit, he's finding himself attracted to his little sister. 

What would happen to the two? 
Would Jimin love her back?

REMINDER:: before reading, please bear in mind that some of the chapters may contain mature content.

[date started: december 09, 2015]

I'm just here because I'm bored and I couldn't find any more good anime fanfics. And I only learned about bts yesterday so the only songs I know is dope and I need you...
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If you change jimin to jaebum,Jackson,mark,yugyeom, kookie,taehyung, rap monster, and suga then that will be me
I don't like reading this stuff but Ima read it anyways cuz FÛCK IT!! ITS WITH JIMIN MKAY
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When I saw this in my recommended 
                              This was my face:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Huehuehue
                              Normally I don't levitate towards this but bruh it's jimin
Omg it's so awkward for me when I read about real people! I really gtg before I throw my IPad down because I'm so embarrassed!