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My Brother Jimin ✿ Park Jimin x Reader

My Brother Jimin ✿ Park Jimin x Reader

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ㅤ By bangtancy Updated 3 days ago

❝having such a hot brother is terribly irresistible but being in love with him is a sin.❞

14 years ago, the Park family decided to adopt a daughter in a well known orphanage in Korea. Although, their son Park Jimin was not in favor of his parent's decision, knowing he will be having a non-legitimate sibling really bothered him. He had no choice but to accept her as a new family. They didn't get along at first but as the years went by, they got intimately close, causing her to develop an affectionate feelings toward her brother Jimin. Bit by bit, he's finding himself attracted to his little sister. 

What would happen to the two? 
Would Jimin love her back?

REMINDER:: before reading, please bear in mind that some of the chapters may contain mature content.

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[date started: december 09, 2015]

mau1219 mau1219 a day ago
Whatevs im just gonna skip if there's a part like that😑 Innocents be like😏 well whatcha gonna do if im like this😑😑
DrewDavis101 DrewDavis101 a day ago
😂😂😂😂😂 it was a motherfucking dream..... Caught in a drrreeeeaaaammmmmm
                              Sorry no?
FridaJohn FridaJohn 4 days ago
Let's do this get ready y'all cause somethings bout to happen
TrapidAzure TrapidAzure 3 days ago
It's not incest. It's perfectly legal to date/marry/love an adopted sibling, and  most parents have no problem with it.
DrewDavis101 DrewDavis101 3 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 me if he were my brother... Yet at the same time I'd be like,
                              "ewwwww incest is wrong!" 
                              *hides all Hikaru and koaru fan fics*
violetstreet violetstreet 2 days ago
There are three types of reaction when you are reading this:
                              1) YES PLEASE BABY I'M ALWAYS READY
                              2) WHAT TF JIMIN CALM YOUR HORMONE DOWN
                              3) oh God please forgive me i have sinned *grabs holy water and bible*
                              Tag yourself