Zodiac Stories ― On Hold

Zodiac Stories ― On Hold

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kkatherinecat By kkatherinecat Updated Aug 31

❝ Argh, let me go! ❞


In a world where being normal is considered weird, you will find yourself shaking your head at the madness, laughing at the silliness and crying at the sad parts.

You may find yourself connected to one of the Zodiacs and you won't mind.

The aim is to read it with your walls down and your need to read is satisfied.

♛ Requests temporarily closed ♛
♛ Huge writer's block ♛
♛ Constant love from me ♛

ChurchOfMakoto ChurchOfMakoto Sep 18, 2016
Sagi (f) and Taurus (m) I know it's one of those impossible ones but you can make it work... Right?
RegularBleachDrinker RegularBleachDrinker Jul 31, 2016
Hey there! I was hoping if you could do a Leo (F) x Capricorn (M) one-shot? It would really mean a lot! :3
VaneseaAlexander VaneseaAlexander Jul 15, 2016
Can you please make me a Leo (F) X taurus (M) , and LEO(f) X Aquarius (M) that would mean a lot to me it's my birthday on the 25th and i am a huge fan 😘😘
smolmango smolmango Aug 16, 2016
Can you please do a Capricorn (male) and Virgo (female)? Thanks in advance if you do!
emerathewriter emerathewriter May 17, 2016
Hey there! I was hoping you could do a Virgo (female) and Capricorn (male) one-shot, please? Thank you!
shresthasmera shresthasmera May 19, 2016
Hey !!! Can you pretty please with cherry on top do a request for me ?
                              I was hoping for Leo (m)X Aries (f ) with jealous Scorpio (m)