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With A Ghost

With A Ghost

106K Reads 7K Votes 28 Part Story
June Gavin By YellowThief Updated Feb 29, 2016

- a tale of ten - 

Sang Sorenson is a 'ghost', and a member of the Academy. Her special team consists of North and Luke Taylor .

They accept an assignment that involves keeping tabs on the Blackbourne team, which consists of 7 members: Kota Lee, Victor Morgan, Silas Korba, Nathan Griffin, Gabriel Coleman, Sean Green, and of course, Owen Blackbourne. 

What will happen when this family gets involved with a ghost bird and her two loyal dogs? 

This is a fanfiction of The Ghost Bird Series by C. L. Stone.

Warning: Profanities are not censored. 
May contain sexual contents in future chapters.

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