I'll Give You My Heart(Zouis)(boyxboy)

I'll Give You My Heart(Zouis)(boyxboy)

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Sara By zauthor- Completed

" What's in it for me?" He asked, mocking seriousness. Louis raised one of his eyebrows at him.

"What?" He chuckled pulling him closer again but Zayn turned his head to the other side.

" What will I get if I agree?" He tucked his lower lips under his teeth. Louis' eyes sparkled with emotions.

" I'll give you my heart." He stated before closing the gap between them and this time, Zayn let him.

Wow, first word is Harry
                              Is this gonna turn into a Larry book? XD
neilcentric neilcentric Aug 05
If you think I'm gonna give you the half of my burger, you must have lost your mind. Smh
Lmao thought this was gonna be a Larry story cuz Harry was the first word
                              Boi, i was wrong. Is this gonna be Zarry?
Darkestpartofsnow Darkestpartofsnow Jun 01, 2016
OMG this was so beautifully sad... Zary is actually my otp and in this story its a brother relstionship but its beautiful!! <3 gonna love it
cupcake1Dlovaxx cupcake1Dlovaxx Jun 23, 2016
I've read this somewhere on AO3 but only a couple of chaps xxx this is so sad ZARRY brothers and the horrible fighting and the testing apart
- - Mar 02, 2016
YOU ARE AN AMAZING AUTHOR!! I know this part was published a really long time ago but I just had to say that.