A Scent Of Reality (Echando Mate)

A Scent Of Reality (Echando Mate)

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Zil Sheth By DontKillMyVibe11 Updated Aug 04

****************PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS ECHANDO MATE******************

What happens when a person who doesn't trust much, who is always shy, trusts someone for the first time ? What happens when that someone breaks that trust ?

Once upon a time in a small town..
Diana trusted someone. Then, Diana got her heart broken. That's not all. There is so much more.

Xavier never thought he would find his mate so early before even becoming what he is destined to be. He does not want a mate, not right now when he has other responsibilities and other pleasures. So what does he do? 
He LIES...

And now she'll do anything to get away from his lies..

                                                                                      Excerpt :

                          "What do you think you are doing, kitten?" His voice comes from behind me.
                                                                             "Oh shit !" I curse.
                                                                                      He growls

                                                                                      ATTENTION :

There are going to be some private chapters and you need to follow me to be able to read them. ;)

The story is not completed yet, there may be some spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, I'll correct them after completing the book.
Thanks for reading :)

Loved it zil.!! That's a pretty decent chapter u wrote gal!!
Loved it zil.!! That's a pretty decent chapter u wrote gal!!