The Inspiration Project: Basic Knowledge

The Inspiration Project: Basic Knowledge

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The Inspiration Project By inspirationproject_ Updated May 12, 2013

- How it Works - 

The Inspiration Project is not a very complex competition, in essence. The competition consists of several steps, the first step of which is to collect inspiration. 

Every competitor is to supply a sample of inspiration. The inspiration can be a story on the community or outside the community, a quote, a picture, a word, a song - any thing that may inspire a person. The competitor will not use his/her own sample of inspiration; he/she provides that inspiration for the next participant and claims the previous sample for him/herself. To provide inspiration, simply comment with a link or write the inspiration down in quotation marks. [THIS BOOK IS NOT TO BE COMMENTED ON WITH SAMPLE INSPIRATION. VISIT THE ROUND BOOK THAT CONTAINS THE ROUND YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN TO DO SO. DO NOT COMMENT HERE WITH INSPIRATION.] 

The next step of the competition consists of the writing of entries. During this period, participants are to, essentially, compose their entries and submit th...

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