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The Demon Bottoms (Manxman)

The Demon Bottoms (Manxman)

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The Devil At Work By beyondpsychopathic Updated 2 days ago

Kuroshi lives two lives, a royal demon straight from hell and a Mafia boss in the surface human 'realm'. But when Kuroshi pisses off his all and mighty younger sister, who curses him for a day to be completely human, Among many other assassins Felix a Nine Deadly Sin is set to assassinate him, as the world gets around about how he's caught an 'illness'.  Instead of ending Kuroshi's life Felix decides to take advantage of the Demon's weak state. Obviously, Kuroshi swears to kill him, unfortunately he couldn't. Felix had filmed the whole assault and uses it to blackmail Kuroshi into becoming his 'bitch'. Soon enough their one sided 'love hate' relationship starts growing, since Kuroshi seems like the only one doing the hating. The bigger issue is even if Kuroshi did fall in love with him, love in between a demon is 'forbidden' along with that Felix mentally/physically can't fall in love with another person. So how will this work out? Kuroshi's hateful younger sister has an idea. 
THERE WILL BE.... LIFE?? ... actually not really. 
This is a half spin off my 'Nine Deadly Sins', 'Behind The Shadows' and also my main Role Play characters, but you don't have to know much to read this.

Roguerosethief Roguerosethief Apr 21, 2016
...... *studies screen*
                              .. .... Yuu Kanda...?
                              Where's BeanSprout?
winterkatherina winterkatherina Dec 10, 2015
666% exists in Hell? Sign me up! Also that snickers joke lol. (Btw Wrath should join the Anga Club) And I don't understand Akashi's and Kuroshi's argument on the  'your daughter' part. Care to explain?