Silence (Phan)

Silence (Phan)

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Starting year 11, Phil Lester was ready to face the bullies, the exams, everything was starting for him. The only problem was, the new kid, also know as Dan Howell. But he wasn't new to Phil, they had met before in year 7 but could a 4 year separation to a different school cause Dan (use to be known as Daniel) to change so much? Obviously, since he's hotter, sexier and has much better hair. But does that mean he's completely changed? 

Follow Phil as he meets new friends, discover new feelings and has his heart broken and fixed.

This is part of my new novel series called 'The Land Of MisFit Toys', books in this series are:
Silence (Phan)
Just Friends

I wish it was but life and shizz. 
Also I do not own Dan and Phil, otherwise they'd probably be tied up in my room being forced to eat cookies (Don't worry I would've invited you)

Catches in mouth. Makes inhuman noises. Friend asks if I need exorcist. Says no. Chokes on fewd.
Real test... to train them is my cause... POKÉMON GOTTA CATCH EM ALL
miriamisntcool miriamisntcool 6 days ago
*tries to catch the pizza, fails, feels it against my eye* A bit too high there *takes the pizza slice, eats it*
Can I just say the bit about the sauce is reminding me of the hat fic
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Me.... I sit there in my bed, singing it like I'm on stage and my sister just laughs
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um did you fuckin put pan!c at the disco do you actually want to die or