Sorry, I Love You!

Sorry, I Love You!

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There's a difference between being alone and lonely.


"Why does love hurt?

"Because......if it doesn't hurt then it isn't love." I replied.


Eugene Hansen - He is rich and has everything one could wish for life; name, fame, money, and good looks except for that one thing he craves the most: LOVE. He masks his pain and loneliness behind his attitude and arrogance but if you take a close look at him, you will know how much he yearns to love and to be loved in return.

Abigail Devon - She is not rich. She doesn't live a lavish lifestyle. For her life has always been hard and full of struggle. But, she never shows it on her face. She masks her pain behind her smile, kind behavior and easy going nature. She yearns for love but because of the hardships she has gone through, she is afraid to take that leap. 

They are poles apart but when they come to stand face-to-face, their life takes a complete 360. 

They don't have anything in common; from their social status to their behavior, they are the perfect example of the word 'Opposite'. Despite that fact, there is one thing that's common between them: They both have lost their loved ones.

Will this one common fact bring them closer or will it separate them forever?

Join Abigail and Eugene on their journey to find true love through a path that contains a lot of fun, fights, a lifetime friendships, hardships, hatred, but most of all - love and hurt because of which they cannot help but say "Sorry, I Love You."

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chelzieeee chelzieeee Mar 13, 2017
Wow this is just the beginning....and its already interesting
mysteryyy123 mysteryyy123 Feb 11, 2016
Whoa! i like the part where she threw the cake at his face.. And great chapter..
mysteryyy123 mysteryyy123 Feb 11, 2016
nice beginning.. i am looking forward to read the next chapters..:)
Jillian_Nicole349 Jillian_Nicole349 Apr 23, 2016
Love this book so far! Why dose it not have one million views?!!!!!!!!
samixa samixa Dec 10, 2015
Eugene's got someone to challenge him!! Can't wait to see them clash again
eliza_s eliza_s Dec 09, 2015
Thank you asmi and yeah the next chapter will be updated soon.