The Irish Twin's Run Away...

The Irish Twin's Run Away...

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Nenerh1 By Nenerh1 Updated Jul 26, 2018

Isabel Mendez was about to turn 21 yrs old. Instead of celebrating her milestone with a party or going out with her friends like most young adults, she is seeking food and shelter instead. Abused and molested numerous times by her neglectful mother's two boyfriends, she runs away hitting the streets of Dorchester in Boston, MA. Learning to fend for herself she lands various jobs to survive even if it could land her in jail. 

Aiden and Brayden O'Brien are twin brothers who are well known among the city of Boston. With their affiliation to the Irish mob because of their grandfather and father, they pretty much own the city, including restaurants, a construction and development firm and an Import & Export company which is one of the biggest one in the country. Though they were raised in the mob mentality, they both keep their noses clean, at least they try too.

What happens when these brothers intervene in Isabel's life practically saving her? Will she thank them for their help or do what she does away?

"Isabel, why can't you let us help you? Must you always find something wrong with everyone who tries to do so?" Aiden screams frustrated.

"Yes!" she screams back.

"Why?" I ask cautiously.

"Because. I don't trust anyone. Every time I have I was let down, hit or taken advantage off. Why should you both be any different?"

We both looked at each other and sighed taking a step closer to her.

"We are not them Isabel and sooner or later you are going to have to let someone take care of you. We want to be the ones too. Please let us. We want you, in every way." Aiden grabs her hand pulling her over to them.

"We want all of you, give us a chance to show you that you can be loved." I whispered in her ear sending shivers down her spine.

She couldn't say no, knowing that if she ran we would find her. We always did. We put our claim on her. We put the word out that anyone who looks or touches her is a dead man. She's our possession now.

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