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in love with my own brother(papyrus x sans)

in love with my own brother(papyrus x sans)

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romy the sinner By romanceiscool Completed

I know they are brothers but i just love them so much i might put some flowey x frisk not asrial ,FLOWEY!

_strider__ _strider__ Feb 19
when did i end up here
                              i don't ship this
                              at all
                              oh well 
                              good job (?)
spamanootnoot spamanootnoot Oct 07, 2016
I don't mean to be rude but please proof-read your story and improve your grammar. I'm not an English speaker myself but it you have the potential to improve your grammar and writes in a better way.
                              The story is okay, I guess!
waffle-girl waffle-girl Nov 15, 2016
Omg I had to read twice cuz I thought to toriel said tutorial lol -waffleXD
crappystoryteller crappystoryteller Oct 10, 2016
i ship fontcest but this story is kinda... misspelled. its not "torial", its toriel. frisk is not a girl, they have no gender. ehe...
SansPERSON SansPERSON Dec 18, 2016
How come, Papyrus refers to himself in the first person, but, then refers to himself in the third person in the end. Why?
Marksfabulousbutt Marksfabulousbutt May 03, 2016
Is it bad that I ment to search up papyrus x reader but my hands saud other whise?? Anywho onto storyy