Alana [ ON HOLD.....Editing ]

Alana [ ON HOLD.....Editing ]

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Irrelevant Roach By -TeDdYbEaR Updated May 19, 2017

I turned back to the small puppy and kissed his little nose and slowly rubbed his head making him fall asleep I smiled softly he was too cute! I then realize my mate was still behind me "your beautiful" he said his deep voice made me shudder.
I looked up only to be met by lips. They we're soft and plump and tasted like strawberries, our lips moved in sync til I had to pull away to breathe I was still in a daze when he lifted me up putting me on his Lap.
He started kissing my neck 

She was beautiful

He was a Goddess

She was innocent 

He was ruthless

She Was lovable .

He showed no emotion

She was Alana 

He was Romeo 

Everyone called him The Blood Alpha
I hope you enjoy it

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danesskie danesskie Mar 28, 2017
when the dad said *Munchkin* i thought of a small cat also called *munchkin*
liverpool3222 liverpool3222 Apr 11, 2017
I take that offence. That discriminates mine and other peoples beliefs. No one can be compared to god
19aparker 19aparker Apr 20, 2017
Okay, this is going to sound ruder than I want it to but it is kinda hard to follow this story because of spelling errors. Trust me, I wasn't saying this to be an ugly person, I was just letting you know.
brxkenheartz brxkenheartz Mar 08, 2017
Lol. Doesn't the term goddess mean female god?😂XD I guess he's a girl then
Gnome84 Gnome84 Dec 09, 2015
This could be very interesting. Looking forward to seeing where you go with your idea.