Going Too Far

Going Too Far

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Gabrielle By J_abbis Completed

Taylor was always her twin sisters, Trinity's, shadow. Trinity got the guy, the friends, and the spot light. Leaving Taylor feeling empty and second best. 

One night after catching Trinity hooking up with her crush she finds herself in her own hook up. Confused and scared she pulls away at the last minute only to be told how she's nothing like Trinity. Angered by the words she's desperate to find a way to seperate herself from Trinity.

Taylor turns to cutting and becomes addicted fast. But with help From Marc, a hottie who has had his eyes on her from the frist day they met, she begins to heal. Is Marc the cure she's been waiting for? The break she needs in her life?

  • addiction
  • betrayal
  • break
  • breaking
  • cut
  • cuttin
  • cutting
  • dark
  • darkness
  • empty
  • far
  • going
  • heal
  • healing
  • heartbreak
  • hurt
  • lie
  • lies
  • light
  • lightness
  • love
  • marc
  • pain
  • reveng
  • revenge
  • romace
  • romance
  • romantic
  • shadow
  • suicide
  • taylor
  • teen
  • teenage
  • teenager
  • true
  • twin
  • twins
Reminds me so much of the intro to skins with Katie and Emily
Honey I will never understand u or anything you're going through and I might never know but if u need a should to cry on take my u need help I'll running ok so please stop hurting herself
Dear author 
                              Please update the sequel to hiding my heart ...please please please...
november1567 november1567 Dec 02, 2016
you dont have to hurt urself just to b difference from her..you really have other solutions you know..
Cloveris Cloveris Dec 03, 2015
This reminds me of Loki and Thor. Loki lived in Thors shadow. Loki was Taylor, and Thor was Trinity.
ariannandujar ariannandujar Jan 25, 2015
OMG!!! I didn't realize you were the same author! I read hiding my heart! Loved it!