annyeong | im jaebum

annyeong | im jaebum

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erica is a straight-a student who has never faced a challenge in her life. 
jaebum is a playboy who is known for his carefree personality and sleeping with half of the class. 

so far, school is going well for erica, that is, until she takes korean. the difficult course is bringing her ego down as well as her gpa, and the only person who can help her back up is jaebum. will what seems to be an innocent tutoring session turn into something more?

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-uljima -uljima Nov 10
hey this brat is im jaebutt and he's abt to hve my smol  hand tattooed on his cheeks smh
ego better lower to like my foot before it ends up your ass like your ego
Shacorra12 Shacorra12 May 29
Russia doesn't have an ego he just naturely awesome or he hung around Prussia to long
JungCookie JungCookie May 25
My name is Erica spelled Arika and im a straight a student too so this is basically me
btsttlbts btsttlbts Jul 13
In my school if someone is fluent in a language that is being taught there they have to take the other languages because they say its basically cheating
same omg it's so hard then even my family tells me how I should learn their language if not I'm dumb ._.