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Little Abigail •Ageplay•

Little Abigail •Ageplay•

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_T.Ø.P_|-/ By _TylerJosephJoshDun_ Updated Jan 28

A Daddy, Mommy, or any other Big is a type of Dominant partner. The Big can be of any gender and age group. It's a common misconception that a Big has to be a lot older than the little but this is completely false. While experience does come with age, age alone is not what makes a person Dominant. Some Daddies are strict, while others are more relaxed. It all depends on the person, connection, and the power exchange. Daddies focus more on guidance and nurturing their little, helping them grow as a person and explore theirselves. This isn't to say that other Doms don't do the same but their reasons behind it may be different.

Skyler0001 Skyler0001 May 03, 2016
i have read a similar book before and this one is going great!
CrystalNightshade319 CrystalNightshade319 Dec 31, 2016
I love it but the center align  is messing with my head a little.
BabyKitten077 BabyKitten077 Oct 20, 2016
Ooh! Okay so I'm a little and I wanna ask, are you? Or did it just interest you and you wanted to writ the book?:P
AvengersBoo AvengersBoo Oct 02, 2016
I'll be totally honest, I started reading this cause my name is Abigail 😝 but I really like it so far!!