Contaminated <<An Ouran Fanfiction!>>

Contaminated <<An Ouran Fanfiction!>>

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Will-O-Wispy By Will-O-Wispy Updated Jan 07, 2016

When Niles Prescott, a second-year, middle-class American, transfers overseas with a scholarship to Ouran Academy, his life immediately topples into imbalance.

While attempting to juggle classes, studying, embarrassing high school moments, and the host club as a docile and unbelievably shy student may be tough; it only gets worse from there.

He has a unique case of mysophobia; the fear of uncleanliness.

How will he survive in the world of the host club? Will the club unknowingly break him, or will Niles be forced to adapt to life outside of his comfort zone?

<<Personally, I don't own any of the traditional host club members (although I wish I did) and take no credit for their characters or the settings in this story.>>

<<Warning; BoyxBoy is likely to occur in later chapters. If you dislike non-straight pairings, it is ill-advised that you read this. You've been forewarned. Thank you.>>

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I just screamed "HARUHI MY HERO!" And my dad just threw open the door with a bat because he thought I had a boy in here who just saved me from smth
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Kyoya: tamaki give it a rest were in class 
                              Tamaki:Goes to emo corner and grows mushrooms
Imagine Japanese James Bond: The name's James, Bond James 😂
...even if you whernt sure you could just ask instead of possibly disrespecting pronouns. As a trans person think kinda angers me...
"Pathetic Dweeb Type." the
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                              "You called?" I replied
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