My Best Friend's Sister. || Lauren/You

My Best Friend's Sister. || Lauren/You

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Y/N is a 17 year old girl who is still in high school, her parents don't really pay attention to her because of work it's like their work is more important than their own daughter but Y/N still manage to make herself happy with music and friends. Y/N  has good grades but never heard an 'i'm so proud of you' from her parents, her parents doesn't really care sometimes her mother will just give her money so she can buy her own food. Y/N had never felt loved from her parents but good thing her aunt and uncle loves her so much so she spends her Christmas and New Years there while her parents are somewhere doing some things. Also she's proud that she has an awesome caring best friend Chris Jauregui, she had met his family but he said one of her sisters are in college so Y/N didn't get to see her. Chris's family is like her second family they are so kind and caring like they treat Y/N like their own daughter and Y/N loves the feeling of that so she hangs out with Chris more often. 

Lauren is a 19 year old girl who is now in college, she's a hard working girl and have really good grades but rarely visit her family because she's too busy. But she gets to talk to them at night when she's done with the day, she misses her family so much and she can't wait for her 4 months vacation to just spend her time with her family. Guys had asked Lauren to go on a date but she kindly declines because she said she wanted to focus on her studies first also she was interested in girls, but she did had a girlfriend once in high school but they broke up and Lauren moved on and began to focus on her studies. Ever since she's in college all she cares about is her family, friends, studying and music she listens to her favorite songs every time she's stressed. She never thought about boyfriends and girlfriends well because like she said she has no time for that. 

But what happens when she comes home for her 4 month vacation? What will happen when Y/N finally meets the last Jauregui?

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And my parents don't like pets and neither do I lol but my sisters do
🕰⏰⏲⏱⌛️⏳I got all the time in the world choose one
izzyjauregui99 izzyjauregui99 Jul 09, 2016
This is like my friendship with my boy bestfriend he just walks into my house sometimes to get food and then leaves😂
thugbello thugbello Feb 06
When you have two dogs and you name them Camila and Lauren and then you make them fall in love and now they have babies...