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Vongola's revenge on Class 2-A

Vongola's revenge on Class 2-A

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Usagi the witch By UsagiSukaru Updated Dec 29, 2016

Reborn tells Vongola Nono that Tsuna is getting bullied in his class.
So why not give the class a "Nice" and "peacefu" Trip to Italy and To stay at the Vongola mansion to meet the Vongola Decimo?
 Though what nobody in Class 2-A is that Tsuna is the Vongola Decimo and it's not like his guardians, Nono and everyone else is going to tell them just like that? Nope they were going to make this revenge slow and painful.

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You just had to ship it didn't you. It's weird, dude, it's just weird
Vittoria-sama Vittoria-sama Mar 20, 2016
Should I? Shouldn't I? Well I'm doing it anyway
                              *Buon pomeriggio a voi Bucking Horse, anche tu conosci il piano vero?
                              (I'm assuming the it was "too right?" and not "to right?")
Mikuann_34 Mikuann_34 Aug 29, 2016
Uhhhh....I can't believe that half of this is yaoi but as long as it is R27:) That's good enough to me;)
OozoraCielo27 OozoraCielo27 Oct 09, 2016
Get your asses ready kids. You hurted my little Tuna-fish and you'll pay for it.
Vittoria-sama Vittoria-sama Mar 20, 2016
Scary but awww
                              *giggles darkly* they'll pay for what they have done
Redb4Black Redb4Black Jan 17, 2016
Yusssss R27... Sire its that or I'll kill Reborn for not liking Tsunayoshi back