Wait....You're Telling Me The Nerd Is A Model?!

Wait....You're Telling Me The Nerd Is A Model?!

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Shadowgirl By ShadowGirl592 Updated Jul 25, 2017

Sky Carter is the number 1 model and the daughter of the number 1 designer and CEO of the biggest companie but her parents want her to see what being a normal girl life is like so they made up Mia Martin a nerd.

Hunter Forests is the typical bad boy but there is more then meets the eye.

When a certan nerd catches this bad boys eye what will Sky do? How will she keep her secret? What happens when they start feeling something for each other?

Please try this book.

Credits to cover of the book to @LaciWare2

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"New school, new life"
                              Me: "New school, idgaf I'm still lazy"
__iHateMyLife__ __iHateMyLife__ Aug 09, 2017
Why am I smirking? Oh yea... now I remember. HE SOUNDS LIKE A TOTAL HOTTY!!
I wish I could go to high school 😭😭😭 I'm freaking homeschooled...
__iHateMyLife__ __iHateMyLife__ Aug 09, 2017
It was awesome! Just some advice and no hate. I recommend to re read your chapter before publishing like I sometimes do, it will definitely help with spelling errors, etc. good luck! I'm already in love with this book 😋
carecat3367 carecat3367 Jun 21, 2017
My french teacher is rude. she likes teaching but gives us trick questions that she knows we will get wrong
dolabomi2akintan dolabomi2akintan Nov 15, 2016
Honestly I didn't like it .....that an understatement I loved it