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Alone With You

Alone With You

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AndyBlack😍 By _batman_penguin_2 Completed

No one notice's me. I am, though, a straight A student. I have no friend's. I am, though, happy. I have a father that drink's and goes to party's and abuses me and does not take care of him. I am not, though, him. Girl's at school wear dresses, high heels. flowers. I, though, wear black and white clothes with beanies and black convers shoes. Kids at school ride cars. I, though, ride my skateboard. People at school are not new. I, though, am new. Girls see one guy and his gang handsome and try to win him and find him. I do not.
Sydra is a fifteen year old girl. She is new at Brooklyn Public High School in New York, New York. She is a straight A student. She is quite, happy, always smiling, and always helps others. She doesn't drink, or do drugs, never kissed, and never had a boy friend. 
Chase, A.K.A one of the school's bad boys, is the complete opposite. He doesn't care about others.
He is athletic, a hottie, kissed and slept with most of the popular kids but, has never once dated them. He has F's, D's, and C's. He figure's out about the new girl and tells her that she is his new tutor.
People think Sydra has a great life but, when one guy named, Chase, talks to her into tutoring him and his three other friends Jake, David, and Wyatt (A.K.A the school bad boy's). What happens if one day she stays with his and finds out that someone is out for revenge on him, just from one. Little. Mistake. His gang will come for both of them and his name is.......What his name? What if what they found out, affects her later? What is the secret? What will happen? What is going on?Is the bad boy, Chase, falling soft? Is the good girl, Sydra, falling over? What if just on night of tutoring changed in what they thought of each other.? What. Will. Happen? If you read this then you will find the secrets that hold it all. It's easy, press read and get started on Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and do that until the end.

Yes I love Cameron Dallas so thank goodness u have him as Chase ❤
TashaBurmeister TashaBurmeister Jun 10, 2016
That was.... Fast...i thought it'd take longer. They did just meet. That isn't something I'd tell a stranger straight away
unbelieveably unbelieveably May 14, 2016
You should've tried to slow it down, but I'm liking the story line.
queendictator2 queendictator2 Aug 13, 2016
My teacher once told us that it's not volunteering of your not the one doing it, so for the rest of the year we made it a point to volunteer each other in that class.
calaenanova calaenanova Jul 19, 2016
ok, this is the deal ; you are new to the school, then you tell something horrible about what your dad does to you and then you sleep there WITH A FLIPPING STRANGER!! WTF!!
BrokenHearted_Dancer BrokenHearted_Dancer Dec 09, 2016
Cameron Dallas
                              Is my boyfriend
                              Oh, and I love him sooo