Kismesis or matesprit?

Wwait...... THAT BEEBRAIN HAS A TRACKER IN MY SCARF?!? Howw swweet of him.....
Why does ky eridan voice sound like the youtube Zodiaclord very Ironic lmao
cristalblood1 cristalblood1 3 days ago
You is cat let him be helped with feeling by a pet a friendly cat
-galaxy-ghost- -galaxy-ghost- May 15, 2016
Obsessing over fictional characters, relationships, universes, and pretty much everything that's fictional.
HoloDrago HoloDrago Jul 10, 2016
You gave up the perfect opportunity to say sollux where could you BEE
Panda_Mimi Panda_Mimi May 08, 2016
                              (Shooooooosh *pap, pap, pap*)
                              (shoosh *pap*)
                              HONK HONK HONK HONK
                              (SHOOOOOOOSHHHHHHH *pap pap pap pap pap*