dirty dolan twins imagines / cute

dirty dolan twins imagines / cute

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alpha_dolan By alpha_dolan Updated Jan 25

So it was your birthday today and you were turning 21 so you friends thought it would be a great idea to go to a strip club.

So here you were outside of the strip club. "Come on y/n "your friend said pulling you inside. But gray will get mad at me if i do this and he finds out you said " he won't find out now lets go" she said  ugh fine you replied. So you walked in with your friends in there you saw tons of half naked guys giving lap dances to some girls u felt like puking right there at just seeing that like who could work here it's so gross "come on y/n cheer up  and have some fun  " your friend said and passed you a beer. Then all of a sudden something caught your attention and there he was Grayson your boyfriend he was half naked and giving some random girl a lap dance you obviously  thought you were just seeing things so you got closer. Grayson you said more like a question. He then stopped what he was doing and looked in your direction. 

Grayson's pov: 

I was giving a lap dan...

I'm sorry, but the bit about the strip club being gross I find a bit rude because most people have nothing else to do but stripping, but otherwise  I liked the story