Makeup Sex - Teen Erotica.

Makeup Sex - Teen Erotica.

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SmittennKittenn By SmittennKittenn Updated May 12, 2013

I stomped into the bedroom and slammed the door hard, pressing my body against it so he couldn't get in. I heard the front door of out apartment slam from a distance, and I heard quick footsteps approaching the door. Then, a loud thud that shook both me and the door that could have only happened by his fist.

"Open the door!" There was a slight thunder in his voice. But I didn't care.

"No, go away!" I shouted, kicking the door hard.

"Ow! Fucking - God damn it, open this door! I sleep there too."

"Not tonight, you don't! Asshole!" I kicked the door again. He swore loudly.

"Stop fucking kicking!"

"Stop fucking cursing at me!"

"Then STOP fucking kicking!"

I kicked the door so hard, even my foot hurt. I immediately backed away in pain. With my weight off the door, he successfully kicked the door open. He walked in, glaring at me. I crossed my arms and defiantly looked anywhere but where he was.

"You're acting like a child!" He scolded me.

"I hate you! You're an asshole!"


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RashawnSmith1 RashawnSmith1 May 02, 2017
😱 is a good story, keep up the good work.Please updated soon.
YanlingPinko YanlingPinko Jul 03, 2017
A complete re-enactment as to how most girls want the guy to react when they get into a heated argument hahaha!
Bratz-Doll-Cloe Bratz-Doll-Cloe Nov 03, 2016
omg i love ur story its soooooo hot! seriously i want more. Also, here's a link to my best story, i hope u like it :)
imagin1225 imagin1225 Apr 15, 2016
your story left me wanting more! in every sense of the word!!