Revenge Of The Fat Wallflower

Revenge Of The Fat Wallflower

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Nikithasuz123 By Nikithasuz123 Updated Nov 20

His eyes widen and his lips part in pain as he stares wordlessly at me and then at the large blotch that forms around his chest . He clutches it as he coughs in pain. 

I didn't get to push him into a sewer, but this feels so much better. 

I sardonically chuckle to myself before leaning in to whisper into his ear. 


- - -

 I was a nobody . A big fat wallflower that was always in the background. The only mistake I made was confessing to the school's prince. That day I was completely and utterly humiliated. It's been two years and now I'm back. 

Back for some sweet revenge.

#Winner of the Pre-Watty awards for best laugh worthy book. 

*Filled with humor and jokes that can't stop you from chuckling ;)

#69 IN TEEN FICTION! (25/10/16)

Published -January 7th, 2016

Cover credits to Ilovepizaaa.
 Amazing cover XD

megs328 megs328 Oct 20
                              The humor in this story is great so far. It captures a woman or girl scorned very well. I am a bit confused. Is she just starting high school? Or is it her last year?  Her parents seem fun though. I do like how her thoughts are in italics.
-romantique -romantique Oct 27
I mean I've thought of it. But like in simulations so I'm not committing a crime. Or a zombie apocalypse so I can kill people and not feel guilty 😂
ashoney123 ashoney123 Nov 04
Believer BC
                              I really like the way you describe the scenes and scenarios... The communication between the characters is nice and positive and the length is neither too short nod too long .
                              Good job so far ;)
-romantique -romantique Oct 27
But what's wrong with that nickname. My mommy calls me baby. And I call her mommy sometimes 😂 I love her and I'm 19yrs old. No shame girl
                              I like the books where a girl plots revenge. Hey, don't judge me. It says that I want girls to be strong.
                              It's a good start and a bit short for my liking. But, it's up to you. The humor is spot on. Good job! Keep writing. :)
-romantique -romantique Oct 27
Love her mom already.
                              Also I think it's learned it not learnt but then again I didn't know learnt was a word