Detectives Mike Lynch and Ben Torrens thought they had seen it all. Yet nothing could prepare them for what they were about to face. Freybourne, a quiet city populated with a mere 85,000 people and surrounded by bushland, is under attack. A serial killer with the most perverse fetish of allpregnant women- has turned it into a hunting ground. When the mutilated body of a young woman is discovered,
    shockwaves surge through the sleepy little community. Weeks later a second body, bearing the same trademark mutilation as the first, is uncovered. With few leads and even less forensic evidence left at the scene, Mike and Ben tackle their most difficult case yet, a case that sucks them deep into the seedy underbellies of some of Freybourne’s most well known establishments. When a lead points them to a Wellness Clinic, a web of lies and deceit begins to unravel. Will the Wellness Clinic pay the ultimate price for secrecy or will Mike and Ben crack the case before more bodies turn up? The pressure begins to mount when Mike discovers his girlfriend is pregnant and Ben’s
    ex-wife is somehow caught up in the investigation. The two men find their tempers running hot and their time running out.
Best mystery/thriller I've read :) i couldn't stop reading until I found out who the mystery killer was..loved the twists too :)
Very well written, it's raw and realistic. Great plot as well :)
This book is sick and amazing! The choice of words and how you made me always feel how I was on the edge of my seat was amazing! Keep up the good work!
This story is truly amazing, I love the vivid pictures it makes in my mind as I read, and I also like the vocabulary! I can't stop reading!
Absolutely fantastic book. Can't wait to read your next book
You're an interesting writer. Appreciate your diction and deft use of language. Voila!