I Dare You

I Dare You

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"I dare you to ask Kim Tae Hyung to be your boyfriend"

I'm Jung Soo Jin , I'm a nerd but that's when I'm at school. People loves to pick on me because I was so nerdy. The truth is I'm not. 

I'm a famous model , I know I'm only 17 but modeling has been my life since I was little. My name is not Jung Soo Jin anymore when I'm on the runway. 

Now , I'm stuck with this dare. Kim Tae Hyung is the one and only heir of Daehyung group which makes him as a really rich person , handsome and a bad boy at the same time. 

"Aa- Kim Tae Hyung-ssi , will you be my boyfriend?" I asked while suttering

I swear I will be humiliate in front of everyone. This is crap okay , I'm Jung Soo Jin the famous model asking the richest dude in school to be my boyfriend. Great isn't it? 

"Okay" I froze and everyone too

That's where my life starts to ruin.

kylaeeee kylaeeee Nov 30, 2016
got7_exo_bts got7_exo_bts Dec 04, 2016
im so happy right now i didn't finish this book and i didn't save it in my library and i forgot what it was called i finally found it after 3 months
qt4848 qt4848 Jun 04, 2016
I'm sorry but the one next to her to the right looks like got7 Mark girl version. The face looks like
melia_rin melia_rin Oct 09, 2016
My baby is the queen bee😱i guest she is not the 'shy shy shy'anymore😂
cutiebaek48 cutiebaek48 Jan 19, 2016
Omg, I don't know why but I have a lot of your books in my library. Your stories are so good!