Better when they're bad

Better when they're bad

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I_kindaLoveMusic By i_kindaLoveMusic Updated Jul 31

Skye was a good girl, you wouldn't be able to tell half the time because she swears like a sailor and isn't afraid to stand up for herself. She has a past, just like everyone else, but hers has changed her and made her be someone she thinks she is but one person has enough fight in them to get to the bottom of the mystery that is Skye Ashford.

Jace comes crashing into Skye's life.... Literally, and changers everything . He sees the person she is behind all those walls she has put up around her self, and has the burning need to find out who or what made her this way. He doesn't have it easy though, he has to look after his family and to make it easy on everyone he has turned into a player so no one gets attached. But this one girl wont leave his head and without noticing they both start to fall until it's too late.


Lots of swearing 

If you can't handle it I'm sorry , you have been warned.

I'm also australian and have set this book in America so if there are any mistakes I apologise.

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