Criminal Profiling (Niall Horan AU)

Criminal Profiling (Niall Horan AU)

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*First book of the "Criminal Profiling" Trilogy* 

He was know for being the leader of the biggest gang to roam around the London  streets.

He was known for his alleged murders.

He was known for being one of the most feared criminals to walk these streets.

He was also known as my childhood bestfriend.


Raven Ella Smith was one of the best criminal profilers out there. She was known for her fast witty moves to make even the worst criminals out there to confess or show their true colours. 

But what happens when her next patient is notorious criminal Niall Horan who happens to be her childhood bestfriend.

*pls ignore all the grammar mistakes. I know I'm bad but I'm slowly editing everything*

Mr. Hoe... Ran😂😂😂 I'm sorry, I just can't 😂😂😂😂
Carla_049 Carla_049 May 06
This story sounds very similar to Harley and the Joker... which I love cause I'm obsessed with Niall and the joker ( notice my profile pic)
ItsVizor ItsVizor May 07
Listening to Slow Hands while reading, and thinking that the song may be the one for the book.
Nialler_SlowHands Nialler_SlowHands Apr 16, 2016
Is it willy wonka ?!?! Wait he has red hair . how about Neil......NIALL HORAN ??!?!?!
Uni_corn____ Uni_corn____ Jul 15, 2016
Loving this story so far. It’s well written and has an original story line.  Though I might say, Raven might be violating some rules by not telling she’s acquainted with Niall. 😂
teneshaaak teneshaaak Jul 12, 2016
Celine now gets to hold that charming beauty. :) 
                              {this comment was made on the day of their rumour as a couple. She seems legit and at this moment I think she is unproblematic,not fame hungry.}