A submissive and his masters (boyxboyxboy)(LGBT)(bdsm)

A submissive and his masters (boyxboyxboy)(LGBT)(bdsm)

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Love me, hate me. By Xlove_is_loveX Updated Apr 20, 2016

Nathan Harris has had a relatively easy life- friends who accepted him, parents that would bend over backwards for him, and even siblings that would turn over the world for him. Nathan knew he was blessed-- It's just a shame it took being sold into slavery for him to realize that.

After sneaking out in the dead of night to test out his new fake I.D., He finds himself being chained and escorted to an auction; and is greatly surprised to learn that item for sale is none other than him.

What's even more surprising? Is the fact that he's not being sold to an audience of humans, but an audience of mythical creatures thought to be nothing more than the product of myths and legends.

But after all is said and done, Nathan just hopes the two twin lycanthropes eyeing him up don't raise their bidding cards..


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Most of the time you die by a heart attack mid air before you hit the ground
No pancake...but pancakes r good 😢
                              😂sorry not sorry
Belovedvmy Belovedvmy Jun 25
everything's so serious but when i read pancake i just can't 😂😂😂
Aglet? I've never been called an Aglet before. I don't know how to feel.
I can relate to all these people too. I hate it when I get tackled off a cliff I didn't notice by a 'giant fücking dog'.
I love the woods. And the night. But yeah, strangers or people in general suck!!