When Blood Invades the Water

When Blood Invades the Water

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This is a Twilight and a Percy Jackson crossover. It is after both of the series end, with of course a little twist end to the Percy Jackson series. So there have been a few of these before, but none of the ones I have found are finished. THIS ONE WILL BE WRITTEN TO THE END I PROMISE!!!!!!! So now for the description a little..ahem

Percy is having a hard time after the war. People around him have died and he blames himself for it. He is traumatized from the wars.  After his mother begs him to live with her and Paul they end up moving to Forks so Paul can teach. Due to his mother's request he also attends the local college majoring in Marine Biology. Now he as to make through four years of school. With everything weighing down on him it will be hard. Will he be crushed or some how find help?

The Cullen family. After the skirmish with the Volturi they have been at peace for two years and things are going well. Each part of the family is doing their own little thing, but at the same time are able to support one another. 

What both parties don't know is that their worlds are about to intersect and it isn't the first time. What will happen when they do again?What happens when the first intersection is brought to attention? Find out. 

All rights to Characters and story lines go to Rick Riordan and Stephenie Meyer.

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Anaklusmos_15 Anaklusmos_15 May 06, 2017
That wasn't very nice of you Percy. Your cousin's love you a lot and you are the only thing they have close to friend now that the others are dead. You can't just say you could care less.
queen_lena04 queen_lena04 May 28, 2017
Mcshizzle? Bad boy supreme?  Commander of the argo 2? Leo? Are you there? * whispers * dont leave me
Hadesworld Hadesworld Jun 26, 2017
My first thought would have been he's probably in a rush but second would probably be thinking he's a jerk. I'm usually a little rude in the mornings when I'm in a rush, or um, most of the time late.
Bluecookies4eve02 Bluecookies4eve02 Oct 30, 2016
ʄɨռaʟʟʏ sօ օռɛ ɖɛċɨɖɛs tօ ʄɨռɨsɦ a tաɨʟɨɢɦt քɛʀċʏ ċʀօssօʋɛʀ ռօա ɨts օռ ʍʏ քʝօ& tաɨʟɨɢɦt ʀɛaɖɨռɢ ʟɨst
athlete68 athlete68 Dec 08, 2015
Aww thanx!!! But if it's amazing bc I already know it will be. It's bc your an awesome writer and very creative